This FAQ was created using most popular question of RadASM users, they asked on MessageBoard

Q: The output windows in RadAsm is opened every time the mouse passes the status bar. How do I disable this behaviour?
A: Use Option / Addin Manager and select FlipCase. Uncheck Auto Show Output.

Q: I can't make the visual icon / image control work.
A: You have to add the icon / bitmap to the rc file by using the tool Project / Resource. Note that after changing the resource you must make a fake change to the dialogs using the icons / bitmaps to update the xxxDlg.rc file.

Q: I have strange problems with Project / Accelerator, Resorce and Stringtable. I am using Win XP.
A: There is a bug in Windows XP. Upgrade to service pack 1.

Q: I want to add masm link parameter /SECTION:.text,RWE in RadASM,how?
A: RadASM uses commas to seperate fields.
Replace the comma with a pipe symbol: /SECTION:.text|RWE.
RadASM will replace the pipe with a comma in its final parsing.

Q: I have trouble building hla projects. I get a massagebox saying: Error during process creation.
A: You need to install nmake.exe to C:\masm32\bin You can get nmake here.

Q: I want to add Chinese comments and strings to my code.
A: You must select a font with CHINESE_GB2312 character set. CHINESE_BIG5 character sets will NOT work.

Q: I am using Windows 98 and get a GPF when I try to create a new project.
A: You have an old version of Comctl32. You can get an update here.

Q: triggers a virus alert.
A: AddinMana.dll is reported by Trend Micro to contain virus. This is false. The sources for the addin can be found on my website.
The case has been reported to Trend Micro:
Trend Micro Case tracking.

You can always try the at:
Jotti virus scan. It will scan the file with 14 different virus scanners.